2023 Media

Ham Nation: Jamboree & Eclipses On The Air? Also, Live DXEpedition from Swains Island! by Ham Nation YouTube

(Gordo on Pacificon at 23:26)

Pacificon 2023; by Velo Buff YouTube

Elecraft KH1 CW Radio Announced at PacifiCon 2023 | Ham Radio; by Velo Buff YouTube

ARRL Pacificon 2023 Quick Tour; by Dennis AD6DM YouTube

Pacificon 2023; by Chuck KK6USY YouTube

Elecraft KH1 NEW Radio Reveal At PACIFICON! by Ham Radio Crash Course  YouTube

Wayne Burdick N6KR Elecraft Cofounder Talking About the New KH1 Transceiver at SOTA Luncheon  YouTube

Elecraft's maker tells all !!; by KK6USY Chuck YouTube

A Vision of the Future of Amateur Radio, by ARRLHQ YouTube

        Steve Goodgame’s K5ATA, Keynote address at Pacificon 2023

        Also spots on arrl-audio-news Oct 27 and arrl.org/news Oct 27.

Amateur Radio Enthusiasts Gather at the Ham Radio Convention ‘Pacificon’ 11/4/2023 by EpochTimes (need free account)