Come to the FOXHUNT canopy near the front hotel entrance

and have some fun.

There will be two transmitters to hunt (ARDF/fox hunt) all day Saturday and Sunday. There will be a beginner and a more advanced transmitter to find. Something for everyone to enjoy.

If you are interested and don’t have any equipment or have never tried a transmitter hunt come on by. We will educate you and get you hunting.

Everyone that finds one of the transmitters will get a sticker for their badge.

The frequencies will be:

146.565 MHz for the advanced transmitter.

144.250 MHz for the beginner transmitter.

Bring your own receiver with S-meter, preferably with a

directional or yagi or loop antenna.

Directional antennas can also be used to work satellites.

Body shading signals with your body can also work with a

standard HT antenna.

 All the transmitters will be outdoors on the grounds of the Marriott.

There will be a Prize hunt on Sunday that starts at 12:00. 

Please show up to the FOXHUNT canopy early to register for the prize hunt

Prize hunt registration opens 11am

The prize hunt briefing/rules at 11:50

Hunt starts at 12:00 pm 

Prizes will be awarded including

stickers, customized sets of 3D printed yagi parts,

Elk 2M/440L5BB Antenna and

donated prizes.

Brian Zoraster KA6ZED

Brian is active with the LivermoreARK.org Klub and got his General license at Pacificon after the one day class by Paul K6FRC and Rich KN6FW, then Extra with an online exam. He was immediately interested when they talked about radio direction finding, aka Foxhunting. I found Radio Direction Finding - San Francisco (rdf-sf.org) and joined them for their hunts in automobiles around Fremont, CA and on foot.

rdf-sf.org        norcalfox.net        openardf.org

homingin.com        arrl.org/radio-orienteering

arrl.org/qst May 2023, page 55 "Beginner Foxhunting" is about radio direction-finding.

arrl.org/On-the-Air-Magazine Sept/Oct 2023, page 16 "Foxhunting Basics"

arrl.org/On-the-Air-Magazine Mar/Apr 2023, page 16 "Radio Orienteering" is about competitive orienteering

Products: ElkAntennas.com (Elk 2M/440L5BB), ArrowAntennas.com (146-437), DiamondAntenna.net

Fantastic W6NBC Yagi slides explain very practical rules:

.2 wavelength spacing,

5% longer reflector, 5% shorter directors,

parts recommended include 1x2 booms, gamma matching and

fiberglass elements covered in foil tape.

Holes drilled in booms with a circumference matching a flat element's width may

 serve better than heavier PVC crosses and clamps.

Many sites online have other two meter yagi designs using PVC, threaded rod and

tape measures that also work.

Come to the FOXHUNT canopy.

The transmitters we use include the byonics.com/mf MicroFox 15s which transmits about 15 milliwatts and MicroFox PicCon which transmits about 500 milliwatts. We hope this information will help those interested in putting on foxhunts for your own clubs.