Camping and RV Parking  

The San Francisco Bay Area is blessed with a large amount of open space and parks for hiking, picnics and in many cases - camping.

Unfortunately, none are truly convenient to the Pacificon℠ convention site.

Below is what information we have.

If you're aware of other camping or RV locations not listed here, please let us know at

Recreational Vehicles:

RV parking is not available in the Marriott parking lot. If you’re bringing an RV, below are the area locations we’re aware of that provide RV parking. Note that we have no personal experience with these locations and cannot recommend for or against them.

Tent Camping:

The East Bay Regional Park District controls most public campsites in the East Bay area. They have a sizable number of camping sites around the two counties here. However, we understand that they are quite popular and are often booked up well in advance.

Note:    Images on this page are provided courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

            RV camping image by Danny Thompson from Winter Park, USA - IMG_0354Uploaded by GrapedApe, CC BY 2.0

            Tent camping image by Bobjgalindo - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

            RV & camping symbols by the Federal Highway Administration, public domain.