Special Event Station


Sponsored by the
Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association (PAARA)

Try your hand at CW, SSB, or Digital operating.

Four HF stations available to operate on the 10, 15, 20, 40, or 80 meter HAM bands.
The stations will be open continuously from 12 Noon Friday through 12 Noon Sunday.

Sign-up sheets will be available at each operating position to reserve an operating time.

Here are a few rules that must be followed. Complete operating rules will be posted at the entrance.

W1AW/6 only will be used.

Logging will be done on computer only.

Have a copy of your ham license with you, if you have one.

Everyone is welcome, with or without a ham license.
If you don't have a license, tell one of the control operators, and they will help you get set up, then oversee your operation, to ensure we all stay legal.

Operating frequencies are as follows (+/- QRM):

  • HF CW: 3.550 MHz, 7.0 50 M Hz, 14.050 MHz, 21.050 MHz and 28.050 MHz

  • HF SSB: 3.870 MHz, 7.270 MH z, 14.270 MHz, 21.370 MHz, 28.670 MHz

  • HF Digital: 3.573 MHz, 7.074 MHZ, 14.074 MHz, 21.074 MHz, 28.074 MHz

QSL Information:

All QSOs logged at the Special Events Station will be uploaded to Logbook of The World.

ARRL will handle paper QSL's.