Door Prizes 

Every year, Pacificon℠ has some of the best door prizes available.

This year, we’re planning some more great ones, to be awarded throughout the weekend.

Door Prize Central
Most Door Prize activity will be at the Prize Booth, located in the hotel's main lobby. The ticket barrel, list of winning numbers and the prizes themselves will be there. If you have any questions about prizes, ask at the Prize Booth.

Drawing Entry
When you receive your drawing ticket, be sure to fill out your name, call sign and phone number on the proper half and put that half in the ticket barrel. Be sure to write legibly!  We need that information for two things: to post your call sign when you’ve won a prize, and (if you’re the Grand Prize winner) to contact you to arrange a pickup or delivery.

Be sure to keep the half of the ticket marked "Keep This Coupon". See the "Claiming Prizes" section below.


Drawings will be held at the following times, at the Prize Booth (except Friday night and Sunday afternoon). Bring your ticket stub and see what you’ve won. Winning numbers will be posted, so stop by often to see if your number is there.

Friday           End of MDARC meeting, held in Salon E
Saturday       11:00am
Saturday   1:00pm
Saturday        4:00pm
Sunday         10:00am
Sunday         End of ARRL Forum, held in Salon E

Claiming Prizes

If you’re a winner, bring your winning ticket stub to the Prize Booth to claim your prize.

With the exception of the Grand Prizes, all prizes must be claimed by 12:15 PM on Sunday. All prizes not claimed by then will be taken to the ARRL Forum on Sunday afternoon, where a final drawing will be held to award them to persons in attendance.

If the Grand Prize winner has not claimed his/her prize by the end of the conference, we will attempt to contact them to arrange for pickup. If that fails, we will ship the prize to the address we have in the person’s registration record.

Please understand, you MUST be in possession of the winning ticket stub to claim a prize. We cannot be responsible for lost ticket stubs.