Parachute Mobile

In Progress 2024

In conjunction with Pacificon℠,
Parachute Mobile may

conduct a mission on
Saturday, October 19, 2024

Mark and Rob will also be our keynote banquet speakers in 2024.

Parachute Mobile is a unique combination of ham radio and skydiving. For 12 years our volunteers have been providing a fun and exciting new way to experiment with ham radio and other technical projects. The concept is simple: the skydiver opens up his canopy as soon as he exits the plane and using the altitude to his advantage makes simplex contacts. Kind of like a SOTA without the Summit. But we don’t stop there. So that our listening audience can live vicariously, they can follow each skydiver via APRS and through live streaming video.  You can also fallow us as on APRS.FI by searching AF6IM-11, or KC6TYD-11, depending on who’s jumping at the time. We conduct 2 meter and 20 meter jumps.  Mission specific QSL Cards are sent out for all those that make contacts. We are always trying to find new projects and ideas we can incorporate within the small payload we have available.  If you make a contact be sure to let us know by emailing us at  State which jump it was and the time of the contact.

Come by our table and say hi, ask questions, and see what we’ve been up to.  We’ll have our radio and parachute gear to checkout on Friday and Sunday.  Sorry, but we’ll all be out at the Drop Zone on Saturday.

Updates and QSOs will be on 147.570 simplex.  If you are inside the Marriott you can use our crossband simplex repeater on 445.950 with a 100 PL. We will be making one HF jump on 14.250.  Parachute Control will be providing updates throughout the day with approximate jump times.  You can also watch for updates on our website at or at our Facebook page.

Hope to hear you on the air. Mark AF6IM & Rob KC6TYD