Hotel Reservations 

The Pacificon℠ staff has negotiated a convention rate of $159 per night per room (plus taxes)

for a set number of rooms.

If you are trying to make a reservation for a range that includes nights outside of our block, for example Tuesday - Saturday or Thursday - Sunday, you will be advised that there is no availability.  Please use the below link only for rooms in our block (Thursday - Saturday), and either use or call the hotel directly to add rooms before or after those days.

Click Here to Make Your Hotel Reservations

Reservations for rooms at the San Ramon Marriott can also be made
by calling the hotel at (925) 867-9200.

Note: If calling the above number, please be sure to specify the Pacificon rate in San Ramon (not Santa Clara).

Please Note: We ask that you register for your hotel room using only the Pacificon rate. Please do not use Marriott Bonvoy points or other methods of making reservations. If the Pacificon rate is not used, you will not get free parking or any other hotel amenities we've negotiated. In addition, your room will not count toward the contractually guaranteed minimum number of room-nights we have negotiated with the hotel. Failure to meet that minimum will impact our financial ability to host Pacificon in the future.

If you are experiencing difficulties registering for a hotel room, please call the hotel at the above number. If you are unable to resolve the issue directly with the hotel, you may contact our Hotel Liaison at to report issues (but call the hotel first).

See the following pages for additional information: