Non-Profit Exhibitors

Below are the non-profit organizations that will be at Pacificon℠.

As you can see, they're among the best and most prestigious Organizations, Associations and Clubs in the area.

To see a floor plan showing their location, go to our Exhibit Space Layout page.

  • American Legion Bishop Ranch Hallway, NP-15
    A forum for veterans who are engaged in a hobby that can also provide emergency communications.

  • Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) Contra Costa Hallway, NP-4
    A private foundation that exists to support amateur radio and digital communication science and technology.

  • ARRL East Bay Section Winlink (ARRL EB Winlink) Contra Costa Hallway, NP-6
    “The Winlink Support Doctor Is In”. We provide one-on-one help with Windows and Android configurations, Q&A, sample radios, connections, soundcards, Windows USB settings

  • ARRL Sixth District QSL Bureau Contra Costa Hallway, NP-5
    Dedicated California radio amateurs who volunteer their time to distribute DX QSL cards to you. Many have donated their time for more than a decade!

  • Community Emergency Radio Association (CERA)
    Contra Costa Salon 1, Table 5
    The parent organization for the El Dorado Amateur Radio Club (EDCARC), promoting amateur radio and creating a pool of experienced radio operators for emergency communications.

  • Digital Amateur Television (DATV) Bishop Ranch Hallway, NP-16
    Demonstrations of and information about amateur television in the Bay Area.

  • FreeDV Bishop Ranch Hallway, NP-13
    An open source, patent unencumbered Digital Voice mode primarily designed for HF. It uses the Codec2 digital voice codec library, including the M17 project for implementing open-source digital voice on VHF and UHF.

  • Livermore Amateur Radio Klub (LARK) Bishop Ranch Hallway, NP-14
    Serving the communities of Livermore, Pleasanton, and Dublin California, and the surrounding Tri-Valley area.

  • Northern Amateur Relay Council of California (NARCC) Contra Costa Hallway, NP-1
    The Amateur Radio coordinating organization for the 10-meter band and higher in Northern California.

  • Northern California Contest Club (NCCC) Contra Costa Hallway, NP-3
    Devoted to the pursuit of operating and technical excellence in radio contesting.

  • Northern California DX Club (NCDXC) Contra Costa Salon 1, Table 4
    We Hunt DX, We Work DX, We Make DX happen.
    We also provide QSL Card checking for both ARRL and CQ awards.

  • Parachute Mobile Bishop Ranch Hallway, NP-11
    Operating amateur (ham) radio gear while skydiving.

  • Parks on the Air (POTA) Contra Costa Salon 1, Table 1
    International portable amateur radio operations that promote emergency awareness and communications from national/federal and state/provincial level parks.

  • Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) Contra Costa Hallway, NP-9
    Promoting friendship and cooperation among Amateur Radio operators who were licensed at least a quarter of a century ago.

  • Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) Contra Costa Salon 1, Table 6
    A globally recognized, international fellowship of ham radio operators that provides necessary communication to and from disaster sites around the world.

  • SF Mesh Contra Costa Hallway, NP-2
    A volunteer-led project to build a resilient high-speed wireless network throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for use during disasters and emergencies.

  • Summits on the Air (SOTA) Contra Costa Salon 1, Table 2
    An award scheme for radio amateurs to encourage portable operation in mountainous areas. Awards for activators (those who ascend to the summits) and chasers (who either operate from home, a local hilltop or are even Activators on other summits).

  • Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Club (SNARS) Contra Costa Hallway, NP-7
    For the Promotion, Education and the Advancement of the Amateur Radio Service in the Northern Nevada and Eastern California Amateur Radio Communities.

  • USS Hornet Amateur Radio Club Bishop Ranch Hallway, NP-10
    Using the USS Hornet and the collections, exhibitions and educational programming to promote awareness and understanding of history, science, technology, and service.

  • Young Ladies Radio League (YLRL) Contra Costa Hallway, NP-8
    Encouraging and assisting YLs (Young Ladies) throughout the world to enter into the Amateur Radio Service.