Gordo's Breakfast

Saturday Morning -

October 21, 2023

Presentation - 7:15am - 8:15am

Salon E

Gordo's Presentation Free!

Cash Sales Breakfast available right outside.
Cash Sales Breakfast Line Opens - 6:30am

Pacificon℠ is very pleased to present America's leading ham radio educator, Gordon West, WB6NOA. Gordon is the author of numerous excellent books and audio tapes on ham radio licensing, and is widely recognized for his clearly written and "to the point" study guides. Gordon is well known for his energizing presentations.

Enjoy breakfast while you listen to Gordon West speak about Amateur Radio - early Saturday morning. The hotel will be providing cash sales breakfast this year.

Pass the HAM!

Gordo will bring us the Electrified Potatoes, the Tube of Lense's Law, the Conductive Audience, and a Surprised Demo performed by the longest licensed ham at this breakfast show opener!  New and improved gags, laughs, props that go poof - start the convention off with a laugh and a smile!

Gordon West:

Gordon West, of Costa Mesa, California, was named Amateur of the Year by the Dayton Amateur Radio Association in 2006 for his efforts in recruiting and training many new amateurs, in addition to his nearly lifelong involvement in ham radio. He has also been the recipient of the ARRL's Instructor of the Year award.

Gordon has been a ham for nearly 50 years and holds the top Extra Class license. He also holds the highest FCC commercial radiotelephone operator license, the First Class General Radiotelephone Certificate with Radar Endorsement.  Gordon is a Fellow Member of the Radio Club of America.

Starting in the late 1950s "Gordo," as he is known, worked for some of the big names in the field helping to develop several innovative pieces of equipment. In the 1980s Gordon and his wife Suzy, N6GLF, began teaching ham radio classes at college and marine venues and authored Amateur Radio training books sold by Radio Shack and equipment dealers around the country. Gordon remains active from 75 meters through 10 GHz, spending at least a couple hours on the air every day, helping new hams make friends on the many nets he runs.


In addition, Gordon volunteers with the American Red Cross communications team in Orange County , California, and regularly offers free kids' classes and classes for cities to support their Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).